Chow Wai Kiat

Design is to solve problems, improving our living standards, to innovate and metaphorically, to add colours to our life. At Creatif Academy, I can have the advantage to complete my course in 15 months complete with a UK College/University standard certified Diploma.More over the course also offers ‘Job Placement’ Opportunities locally and abroad right after graduation; this scheme is interesting where we can work and at the same time the opportunity to travel.But for now I will just have to focus in learning and improving my Drawing, Colouring & Handicrafting Skills which are the fundamental to any Art related fields.Once I achieved that, I will work to gain more experience before I start my own globalart centre and also an online site in selling my very own handicraft which could be very well my first investment in business, Thank you.

21 years old
Ipoh, Perak
Seet Jun Jie

Design is an Art form, Designs improve our life, making things more useful, dynamic and aesthetic. Other than products and services, solutions or systems would also require design in order to create or improve the ways of doing things.

Being able to design something useful, meaning that it allows us to save more time, improve our efficiency and making us more effective.

I was introduced to Creatif Academy by my Teacher; this is also due to the fact that I am interested in the areas of art & design. After gaining more knowledge and techniques I have recently developed a new interest in decorative art for cars, certain Illustrations sprayed, painted or pasted on cars really amazes me so I hope I will be able explore this type of art soon.

After my graduation I hope I will be able to get a design related job and hopefully it will turn into a career for me in the future.

20 years old
Solok Bukit Piatu, Melaka
Yew Chu Hsin

Design is the creation of a plan to construct an object or a system. Design is also a roadmap or a strategic approach to achieve a unique expectation or conclusion.I have always enjoyed art, therefore to improve my knowledge and skills I made a decision to enroll in Creatif Academy as I believe they have the experience to fulfill my expectation. Leaving away from home to study and to be independent was quite difficult initially, for the first few weeks I find it to be quite uncomfortable. But thankfully as time goes by I managed to adapt and moreover my course mates and lecturers are very friendly here and that provides me the supports that I need in living in the ‘dorm’ life.I have just completed my first semester here but I have already learning a lot and my family and former teacher have also noticed my improvement. There are many fun things we learned here but the one that caught my attention and I truly enjoyed recently is the Life Drawing (Human Portrait).After graduation, I intend to further my study in the same field and while the road is still long but for my future, I truly hope what I have learned will further assist me in making art and design as a career. 

18 years old
Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan
Tan Jing Keth

I was introduced to Creatif Academy by my gloablart teacher, however it was the art competition organized by the academy that paved the way for me to enroll in diploma of creative education.

It was precisely in January 2012 I started my study with the academy, and it was the first time I was away from home alone and it was really tough to be away from the comfort that I am used to. But fortunately after some time I begin to adapt with the supports from my course mates and lecturers.

Studying here opens my mind into the area of design, to me design is a process of our thoughts, it allows us to create anything from our unlimited imagination and the best thing about design is that you can design something to sell.

I truly enjoy my study here and some of my favorite subjects are the History of Art, GClay, Glass Painting and Comic. I hope what I learned here will enable me to fulfill my wish in becoming a designer or a teacher.

19 years old
Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan
Wen Liu Yu

Design to me is to play with one’s imagination and to create a unique piece of art! Hi there, I am Celia Wen from Guang Zhou China, I enrolled in Creatif Academy due to the fact that I own a   global art business in China and also I am inspired by my child’s creative hobby!I believe what I will learn and gain here would enable me to share with my teachers and children back in China, moreover the extra knowledge and skills will enhance my confidence and improve my business after my graduation.Being an art enthusiast, I have been practicing art in the area of painting however after joining globalart and the Creatif Academy, I was taught to view art from the creative and education perspective.After 3 months of learning I have develop some new interest with art especially in the subject of Glass Painting. To me this subject or the medium gives me the space and creativity to play and create art pieces compatible to your preferred style and personality.I am looking forward to more surprises in the course and along the way looking forward in creating more unique work of arts!

30 years old
Guang Zhou, China
Oon Lian Yau

‘Design’ is a visual communication that combines creativity and ideas to convey information to public.After my high school graduation, I wasn’t clear as to what I wanted to do, however I did manage to find a design related job, there I learned quite a few basic trick on design and finding it quite interesting or rather the lack of knowledge in design, I decided to further my study to enhance my knowledge and skills in Design that would enable me to work in the creative industry in the future.

As I was scouting for a college my family came across Creatif Academy and they believed the academy has what it takes to realise my dream.As anticipated I have really learned so much in Designs from Idea to Concept and from Concept to Development in the area of Drawing, Colouring, Packaging, Advertising, Animation and Graphic Designs. My favourite subject currently is Animation and I am impressed with “Max Miedinger” video with its dynamic animation and display of fonts and geometrical shapes.

The presentation was fantastic with a lot of creative movement, and I really enjoyed it!Designs have opened my ‘mind’ and my ‘eyes’ and It has brought out the artistic talent in me, I believe what I learned here will be very useful for me to have my very own design studio in the next five years! Thank you.

21 years old
Puchong, Selangor
Chia Wan Yee

I believe ‘Design’ is part of our life, when I wanted to buy a watch, I would ask myself which style would match my personality and my choice of dress? That itself would require some ‘Design’ thoughts. My interest in Art brought me to Creatif Academy, here they offer intensive skill based learning which I am able to complete within 15 months with theory, practical and internship learning. The opportunity to work on weekends/holidays only is quite interesting, on top of that the Course also offers ‘Job Placement’ opportunity abroad right after graduation. The course is endorsed and certified by a respective British College/University which offers higher professional education in the UK. This qualification gives me more options in the job market.

Currently I am staying in the Academy’s ‘Hostel’ with my course mates where we help one another all the time, making collective decisions and solving problems together, this helps us greatly in learning how to live independently by carrying out our tasks and responsibility all by ourselves. I plan to live and work independently for a certain period of time and once I am more experienced I will probably seek more experience in Singapore or Hong Kong.
During my study here my favourite subject is the History of Art, here not only I learned about the knowledge in the art history, styles and cultures from the past, I have also learned how to analyse and research on a topic, make better understanding and creating presentations and above all developing my art skills. 
In the same subject, The painting which caught my attention was ‘Starry Starry Night’ by Dutch Artist Vincent Van Gogh painted in 1889 and also related to the painting would be the historical building of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence located in France, and I really hope one day I will be able to visit it.
19 years old
Pulau Ketam, Selangor
Cheok Wan Ting

The ability to design will allow me to create my favourite things in particular in Fashion Design. It also allows me to realise my idea, turning concepts into products which can be sold to make a profit!

When I was 16 Years old, I was introduced to painting when I study at globalart, soon my teacher encourages me to take part in the Creatif Academy Art Contest and while I did not expect to win but I won and was offered scholarship to study at the Academy, Initially I was quite reluctant to come to Kuala Lumpur and to start a college life, however the drive to gain more experience and to be independent and after careful consideration and supports from my family I have decided to enrol in the Creative Education Diploma Course.
The Course is unique as it provides me the opportunity to learn Visual Creative Art from the perspective of ‘Early Childhood Education’. It gives me the specific knowledge and techniques required to venture into the Enrichment Art Industry being a professional or an entrepreneur!
On top of that being a creative person, I am also looking forward to further my study in ‘Graphic Design’ and possibly a ‘Wedding Planning’ Course, but before that I am just enjoying my study here at the Academy. I love to work with Clay Modelling, it is really fun to create Characters from it and one day I wish that people will love and appreciate my talents and creations.
18 years old
Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan
Sin Yong Bin

Design is everything where ideas are turn into products or and services, ultimately it is all about producing something useful and successful. I like Art and I truly enjoy the subjects of Designs and FashionI I do practice art on a self study basis, however I believe to capture the true essence of design one will need to further their studies in order not just gaining the knowledge but also to apply the design technique professionally.Therefore to feed my interest and to fulfill my dream, I had enrolled with Creatif Academy since 2012 and after graduating in Creative Education Course, I continued my study in Multimedia Design as I truly believe these new knowledge and skills will help me to achieve my dream to be an artist designer and also to have a better future.

20 years old
Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan


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